Thursday, September 25, 2008

Maa Durga Bhajan Navratri special

Jai mata de

Meri Maiya always protects us ..... Meri Maiya always takes care of us
..... Meri Maiya LOVES us so much that SHE goes to any extent to guard us
..... Help us ..... and ensures that we are always happy ..... Meri Maiya
takes us to the safe place before it starts raining to a place where it is
not going to pour ..... Meri Maiya showers HER choicest blessings on all HER
bhakts ..... That's Meri Maiya, HER LOVE is Great, HER ways are different,
Meri Maiya is unique in all Respect ..... You simply have to add and Meri
Maiya Multiplies ..... concentrate and watch HER doing calculations ..... We
just have to Perform Meri Maiya Puja a day and Meri Maiya takes care of us
all through the Year ...... want a little more ..... Perform Meri Maiya Puja
for Nine Meri Maiya Auspicious Navratri days and have Happy and Prosperous
180 days until next Meri Maiya Navratris ..... so Simple ..... Is there any
other mathematician who can teach us the way of Life and Help us in such a
lovely way ..... Jai Mata dee

II Mata Bhajans / Mata ki Bhente II Durga, Devi, or simply Mata (mother) is
the embodiment of the success of good over evil. Durga is personified in
various forms - Parvati, Lakshmi and Saraswati. Her significance is Shakti -
power, and power to crush the evil. Here we bring the lyrics of the most
popular Mata Bhajan (s) or popularly known as Mata ki Bhente


  • Jai Mata Di

  • Saanche Darbar Ki Jai

  • Sachiyan Jotan Vaali Mata Teri Sadaa Hee Jai

  • Unche Pahado wali Mata Teri Sadaa Hee Jai

  • Bol Saanchey Darbar Ki Jai # Garb jun waliMata Teri Sadaa Hee Jai

  • Sarvatra Da Bhalaa Karan Vaali Mata Teri Sadaa Hee Jai

  • Sare Sansaar Vich Shanti Deyn Vaali Mata Teri Sada Hee Jai

Beta Jo Bulaye Maa Ko Ana Chahiye

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Tujhko Pukare Tera Laal Maa

Maa Ki Har Baat Niraali Hai(Gulsan Kumar T-Series)

Aa Maa Tujhe Dil Ne Pukaara-Gulshan Kumar

Jai Mata Di - Jai Jwala Maa - Jai Jagdambe - Maa Ke Darshan

Wednesday, September 17, 2008